Online Resources

The branch has numerous resources in print, CD and microfiche. These may be purchased.

At present, all of our online resources relate to Monumental Inscriptions.

A resource which covers Tombstones and Memorials throughout the State (except for the two large cemeteries in the Hobart and Launceston metropolitan districts) is TAMIOT, which is accessible online at Tasmania's eHeritage.

Carr Villa Cemetery is the large cemetery in the City of Launceston. It has been indexed, and a detailed index is available for purchase here. A basic index may be accessed here.

A more detailed version of this index is available on CD, and this should be used to find the location of a headstone or plaque.

Tasmania's eHeritage is a project to which the Tasmanian Family History Society's branches have contributed. Launceston Branch has an extensive collection of photographs of gravestones and other memorials, covering around a third of the total number of these within our area. Generally we have a wide photo covering the entire grave or memorial wall or board, and a close-up shot on which the inscription is usually legible.

Some of the former of these are displayed on the eHeritage site, and the closeup shots may be purchased from the branch for a small fee.

Work is in progress to photograph other memorials which have not been included in the eHeritage Project. As these become available, they will be released for purchase on CD.

Launceston Branch also has a project to make available photographs of memorials in the Carr Villa Cemetery. All of these photographs have been taken, and work is now under way to link these to an index which will become available on CD.
In the meantime, you may purchase a copy of any of these photos if you can identify the grave or memorial in question.
For more information or to order a copy, click here.



Date last reviewed: 19 July 2018.